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Tools for Pattern Makers and Industry


High Quality Tools manufactured in Sheffield by our craftsmen.
Modelling Tools for use with clay and plaster, sold throughout
the world
for use in the domestic and industrial fields.

Flexible Steel Palettes
(bottom, right)
A range of flexible C70 steel palettes is available
in oblong or kidney shapes and in various thicknesses.

Plasterers Small Tools
(as shown right)
With blades of a high quality carbon steel, hardened and tempered and with slightly flexible end, these Small tools, ideal for the filling and finishing of small areas, are available with narrow or wide square ends.

Joint Rules
(bottom, left) Made from hardened and tempered carbon steel to ensure a longer lasting edge, these Rules are especially useful for plaster work and the accurate forming of mitres for cornice, skimming of moulds and general scraping operations.

Ripping Chisels

Joint Rules Ripping Chisels (above)
Rigid sharp ended tools with varying widths ideal for chiselling dry clay and plaster.
Flexible Steel Palettes
M.G. Tools
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